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A lighthouse on the reef

A New Post From Carlo Piccinelli

Hi from Carlo Piccinelli,
I’ve recently updated my gallery and my lightbox with a photographic journey that has by topic: A lighthouse on the coral (Sudan).
Located across from Port Sudan, the coral platform of Sanganeb has always been a threat to merchant vessels transiting from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean but a paradise for divers.
In 1906, the British built a lighthouse on the reef. Initially, only an iron structure then a stone tower 55 m high. Today Sanganeb Reef is visited by tourists who embark on cruises from Port Sudan to visit the coral atolls of the Sudan. Every day during the cruise, unforgettable diving into a sea richest of life and history.
In this sea, were made the first sports diving. Researchers, biologists, photographers, journalists and oceanographers have studied this sea, allowing the general public to learn about the underwater developing what is now a diving tourist adventure in complete safety.
Thanks to them, the Sudan Red Sea is today a paradise for scuba divers.
Thanks to see my photos and good photographic journey.
The images may be ordered for editorial and comercial use.

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