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Being A Freelance Photographer For Local Magazines And Newspapers Will Also Help Set Up, Research About Product Pricing And Marketing.

“The more I work, the more people recognize me,” she said. “The more I post and people see I do photography, they’ll contact me. I want to open my own photography studio really badly, so I’m taking this extremely serious.” As a freelancer, Harris works through Spectrum Photo & Digital Services in Ashland to provide prints for her customers. However, the desire for physical prints these days depends on the client. “Older people want the prints, but younger people want the CD so they can put them on Facebook and Instagram,” Harris said. “I just had someone the other day ask me to send them pictures so they could post them right away; they love to post them on social media as soon as they get them.” Most of Harris’ photography skills are self-taught through trial and error, tutorials, and lots of practice. She hones her craft through classes at TogLoft Photography as well as photography classes in Cleveland. “I feel like creativity is just in you,” Harris said. “You’ve got to have a vision in your head, and no one can teach you to have that vision. It’s got to come from your heart. You can learn technical things, but the creativity is in your heart.” At one time, Harris planned on attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh to further her creative education, but financial restrictions have kept her in Mansfield.

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