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Business Trends and Insights for Photographers have just launched their 2016 Photographer Survey and they’re looking for input from as many photographers as possible. This year the survey is looking at the health of the industry, what’s working in sales and marketing, what isn’t doing so well anymore, and also for clues to what might be next.

Whether you’re a busy full-time professional or a part-timer generating a bit of sideline income, your insights and feedback are essential to get the ‘big picture’ of what it takes to be successful selling your photography these days.

The survey is really quite short… 3-5 minutes for most people… though there are a few opened-ended questions if you wish to elaborate.

A detailed report will be published at the conclusion of the survey, so after you complete the survey below, make sure you opt-in to be notified of results and subsequent surveys.

2016 Photographers Survey

Please share this with all your photographer friends and colleagues!

The more photographers complete this, the better the information will be, so please share this post, share the website when you get there and then share the survey again when your done… just for good measure!

Sharing will help you in another way

The next survey coming up is for Photo Buyers. And you may have noticed, they can be a bit harder to find than photographers…

So when you share the survey, this will also end up no the radar of some of your Photo-Buyer connections. And then when we launch the Photo Buyer Survey they remember that you mentioned the website… and they’ll be that much more likely to help out.

And going by the info we got last time, the Photo Buyer Survey can be even more useful!

So please…  take 5 minutes now to complete the Photographer Survey and then help us get the word out… this post where ever you see it, the website and the Survey itself. Thanks!


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