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A Simple But Powerful Content Strategy

Here’s 2 complete, actionable online marketing strategies your business can implement on a budget to boost traffic and sales. They aren’t specifically for ‘photography’ and the second strategy probably won’t interest too many photographers, but the first option is something everyone can do and should consider. It is a simple content

Double Your Stock Sales Potential

One of the first truisms I ever learned about stock photography was that images with model releases usually earn twice as much as non-released images. Now I'll admin that was a loooong time ago, so I'm not sure whether that's still an accurate number, but with so many amateur images in

11 Helpful Resources for Improving Your Business Skills

Check out this list of the best resources to help you hone your business skills, from people management and public speaking to accounting and finance. globaleyeimages's insight: Here's a good list of resources for developing those business skills...some might be overkill for the average photographer, but it usually pays to think big! See

2016 Photographer’s Business Survey

New survey from PhotoResearch.Info now open to any photographer in the business of selling their photography. Last year's survey generated some extremely useful information so please get behind this one as well... complete it, share it and register for updates for when the reports come out. globaleyeimages's insight: Want to know what's

The out-of-office emails that don’t go down well

At this time of year there are some truly dreadful automatic email replies. Here's what you can (and can't) get away with. globaleyeimages's insight: The out-of-office feature at GlobalEye gets a LOT of use... here's a few useful tips to make sure you're using yours professionally. See it on, via Stock Photography

GlobalEye Photography Business Resources

Welcome to GlobalEye.Photography! Here you'll find a growing archive of articles and videos on stock photography and the business of photography in general, plus I'll be adding loads of free ebooks, software and other tools. We'll also be linking to some other great photography resources & websites so make sure you

New Australian animals Stock Photos

Australian animals. A new collection of stock images from Jennifer Treloar. Australia has some unique wildlife - from cute and cuddly koalas, the kangaroo and wombat to the ancient looking frilled neck lizard. There is also an amazing array of birdlife. I have captured some of these creatures here. View

New Stock Photos of Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia. A new collection of stock images from Jennifer Treloar. A selection of images of Melbourne, Australia - includes the Melbourne skyline, the Yarra River, aerial images as well as buildings such as Parliament House, the Shrine of Remembrance, Princess Theatre, Flinders Street Station. View more stock photos from

Starting A Photography Business

Photography has always been one of those fields that’s seen as the dream job, where countless amateurs have tried to take their passion to a professional level and get paid for doing something they love. Unfortunately for everyone who ‘makes it’ there are many more who don’t. So if you’re thinking that maybe you should start a photography business yourself, then here’s a few questions you really need to ask yourself before you go too far.