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A Simple But Powerful Content Strategy

Here’s 2 complete, actionable online marketing strategies your business can implement on a budget to boost traffic and sales. They aren’t specifically for ‘photography’ and the second strategy probably won’t interest too many photographers, but the first option is something everyone can do and should consider. It is a simple content

Google My Business – New Photographers Guide

Hard to believe something this good is still free... the latest version is better than ever and totally dominating the search results. Make sure you claim your business listing today. globaleyeimages's insight: Here's a simple 3-step guide to a free business listing that most photographers still aren't using. It generates more 'local'

The kind of visuals being used in content creation is rapidly changing. Here we reveal 5 key image and video trends you need to know about.

The success of every creative project rests on the power of its visuals. So whether you're using photography, video or a combination of the two, you need to know about the latest visual trends. globaleyeimages's insight: This article was written for 'designers' but there's a lot of good info and ideas in

Post Videos Instead of Photos To Social Media

Post Videos Instead of Photos To Social Media A lot of photographers are still very suspicious of Social Media and refuse to post photos in case they get taken and used elsewhere without permission. In one way they’re right… it’s almost certainly going to happen! If you post photos to social media,