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Content Marketing For Photographers

We first published these videos about 18 months ago. They show a simple but powerful content publishing & syndication system been using to promote our Photographers photo pages on our stock libraries for almost 10 years now.

Over that time we’ve made a few changes to our broadcasting system in response to various changes Google has made, and we’ve made a few improvements to our internal systems so we’re actually getting even better results with some photo sets… but the basic system is unchanged and still worked a treat.

While we’ve got our own custom system built in to our stock libraries, once you understand the process and why it works, you can apply it to whatever platform you use to publish and promote your work. Our system is obviously geared towards ‘stock photography’ buyers, but it can work for other types of sales and has achieved some handy assignment work for a number of our photographers.

Content-Marketing is simply a process of publishing your photography in a way that creates rich-content (text and media) that the search engines prefer, and then syndicating that content across a broad range of websites and social media networks, to generate direct traffic and high search engine rankings.

This is something that simply cannot be achieved publishing photos on their own, or with basic caption and keyword info. That works OK for internal search engines, but it adds nothing extra for the human user-experience… and that’s what the major search engines focus on these days.

The good news for you is, that’s all most photographers ever do, so the minute you do a little more, you immediately stand out from the crowd and give yourself an edge.

The general principles all quite simple…

  • Without relevant written content your photos are destined to be lost in the crowd.
  • With some structured written content and basic off-page SEO, you can dominate the search results for your key subjects…
  • That gives you the opportunity to be the first photographer a buyer considers when they need your subjects.
  • And that ‘first showing’ opportunity often makes price and licensing considerations secondary to buyers in any sort of a hurry.

This is something the vast majority of stock libraries cannot or will not do… especially the free and super-cheap libraries… so this gives you the opportunity to out-perform them in the search engines for your key subjects, and dominate the results pages.

When you do that, buyers can’t help but view your work first, in if you deliver the quality and content they need, the free and cheap images don’t even get a look in!

The bottom line is, this stuff works.

So watch the videos below carefully, make a few notes and work out how best to apply it to your own business. I’d recommend you watch the videos all the way through once, and then work through them more slowly making notes and following the various steps to publish your first photo set.

1. Keyword Research: The Missing Step For Laser Sharp Focus

Most photographers will skip this, but if you think about your target photo-buyer, what they’re looking for and how they go about finding it… then you can be the one they always find.

2. Simple Photo Pages That Work For Buyers AND Google

No matter how good your photography might be, without written content it’s invisible. Here’s how to add the right words for the search engine bots to make sure your human audience can find you.

3. Unfair Advantage Forces Buyers To View Your Photos First!

This is the Secret-Sauce that we were reluctant reveal, but it turns out the mainstream stock libraries can’t do this anyway!  This gives you the ability to knock the sucker-stock sites off the front page of Google.

4. The Final ‘Secret Weapon’ To Dominate The Listings

Most photographers aren’t going to bother with this, but if you’re in a competitive market, or you’re not quite getting the listings you want, these couple of steps can push you over the top!


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If you want to leave the heavy-lifting to someone else, be sure to check out the GlobalEye Photography Business package, which lets you create these same pages in just a couple of minutes and then let us take over and do all the promotions and submissions for you!


If you find this series useful, or you know a photographer who might, please remember to share this video series on your preferred social media account below. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Content Marketing For Photographers

  1. Hi Matt – your Content-Marketing videos are perfect to lift us little ones to a higher position in the queue. It doesn’t necessarily create sales, but it creates traffic. In my case it made me eligible for Google ads via their AdSense account.
    Never clicking on ads myself I regarded them as useless. Wrong, and you are right: they can be quite lucrative. Google is supposed to pay once $100 have accumulated in your account. To my surprise, in less than two months just over $90 were in mine. Then Google closed my account. Google doesn’t give reasons. Their emails are ‘no reply’ dictates. But they do allow an arbitration process. I filled in all the questions until asked for a User Identification Number and describing where this obscure thing might be found. It’s hidden in the rubble of my account. BUT – I couldn’t access it because my account was closed. So they arbitrarily closed the arbitration process. It’s pure idiocy. Google, as all dictators, is not answerable.
    Such arrogance annoys me more than the lovely money lost.
    Ironically, now they sent me an application for a new AdSense Account. Logic says that I am obviously cleared of any suspicious wrongdoing. However, I have no intention to have my site working for them again. But I need ads on it.
    Question: does anyone know of other sources that place ads on one’s website – except those annoying popup ads?
    Thanks for suggestions – Klaus

    1. Hi Klaus, I’d definitely follow up on that… the money’s got to be better in your pocket than Google’s. Maybe set up the new account and use that as means of getting answers on the first account.

      If this was though, that does seem like a lot of Adsense revenue given it was a relatively new site that were were just starting to promote for you. One possibility is that a ‘friend’ tried to help you out by repeatedly clicking your ads? That sort of thing can trigger all sorts of alarms at Google and get you closed down?

      For another PPC advertiser, you can try Bidvertiser… I’ll add a link above…

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