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4. The Final ‘Secret Weapon’ To Dominate The Listings

Now we wrap it up with a live demo that proves just how powerful this system is, plus we reveal our final secret formatting trick that makes any remaining competitors virtually invisible!

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Authorsure Plugin: For WordPress users, you can use this plugin to easily connect your blog to your Google plus account. GlobalEye Members, just add your Google+ ID to your social media accounts list.

SEO IQ: Free analysis tool for checking your own page SEO factors, plus you can check your competition to see what they might be doing better than you!

OnlyWire: This is a little bit more expensive than the LinksAlpha service mentioned in the video, but is more powerful, more reliable and easier to us. Add your Blog’s RSS feeds and connect to 40+ social media networks for automatic bookmarking and pinging.


I hope you found this useful, and that it might have given you hope, that you don’t have to give your work away for peanuts to make stock photography work. If you found the information useful, and you think your photographer friends and colleagues might benefit from it as well, please share this page below.

There’s no question that ‘stock photography’ is a tough market these days, but if you work smart you’llĀ  find there are still plenty of high quality buyers out there who’ll pay fair and reasonable prices for quality images shown to them at the right time… ie. the minute they start looking!

To get started, the main thing is not to over think it or get bogged down planning. Just pick a subject, research it, make the web page and do your submissions. Rinse and repeat.

If you’d prefer to leave the heavy-lifting to someone else, be sure to check out the GlobalEye approach below…

GlobalEye Photography Business System


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