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Diving in Red Sea: Sanganeb Reef (Sudan)

A New Post From Carlo Piccinelli

Hi from Carlo Piccinelli,
I’ve recently updated my gallery and my lightbox with a photographic journey that has by topic: Dive in the Red Sea (Sudan).
Located across from Port Sudan, Sanganeb Reef is a great place for scuba divers.
Thanks to the Red Sea cruises departing from Port Sudan, you can visit, during a cruise than a week, the most famous atolls in Sudan including Sanganeb with two important scuba diving pointed: north tip and the south tip where you can see large pelagic fish as hammerhead sharks and barracuda.
A journey for divers to safely explore the beautiful backdrops of Sudan.
Thanks to see my photos and good photographic journey.
The images may be ordered for editorial and comercial use.

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