Photography Courses For Beginners

Here's a couple of recommended packages for any beginner photographer wanting to move things up to the next level. I've been recommending these for quite a while, mostly to photographers who submitted unsuccessful applications to GlobalEye. In that time I've seen a fair number of people go off an complete one

Best Online Photography Training

Posting shortly ... top 10 training packages and tutorial websites for photographers wanting to step it up to the next level. {{@the_list}} Who These Courses Are For... Labeling levels of proficiency can be tricky, but basically I've tried to list resources here that will help a reasonably experienced photographer take things to the

Stunning shots from the 2016 International Drone Photography contest

In the last few years, drone photography has left us breathless with the beauty it captures from the air. globaleyeimages's insight: Here's one for the techno-junkies... me included! This is one piece of kit I'm already itching to get my hands on and photos like these just make the craving worse. See it