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GlobalEye Photography Business Resources

Welcome to GlobalEye.Photography!

hand reaching images streamingHere you’ll find a growing archive of articles and videos on stock photography and the business of photography in general, plus I’ll be adding loads of free ebooks, software and other tools. We’ll also be linking to some other great photography resources & websites so make sure you bookmark this page and call back often.

As you may have guessed, this website is a part of GlobalEye Images and you will find a few links here and there to our stock library, and to the signup page for photographers looking to sell their photography through GlobalEye.

That said, we have always found a lot of the photographers passing through GlobalEye weren’t quite ready to start selling stock photography, or they were looking for something different. So this page is for those people!

I will encourage you to check out the GlobalEye approach to selling stock photography, but if you decide it’s not for you right now, that’s fine… I’m sure you’ll find plenty more of interest if you takeĀ  a bit longer to look around the rest of the site.

You see the stock photography industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and to be blunt, the mass-distribution business model that most mainstream stock libraries use, simply doesn’t work for photographers. In fact, it’s about as un-friendly towards the contributing photographers as you can get.

And yet photographers keep lining up to be part of it?

So the GlobalEye approach… or philosophy really… is all about putting the photographers back in the drivers seat, andĀ  empowering you to develop your own systems for generating leads and sales of your existing images.

After all, that’s all stock photography is… selling your existing work… and if that work is good enough, there is absolutely no reason you should give it away for peanuts, give up control over your images or pay out 80% commissions… just to make a few sales.

So of that sounds like a better way of doing business, then I’ll encourage you to bookmark this page and then take a good look around. If you find it useful or you have friends/colleagues who might find it useful please share our link on a couple of your social media accounts!


Matt Brading

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