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Top-Selling Stock Photography Subjects

Whether you’re an old-hand or total newbie, if you’re looking for new ideas to sell more stock photos,  you’ll want to check this out. Grab this brand new report and finally discover…

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  • The damaging photo-subject myths that are probably costing you money already…
  • Why some photos sell over and over, while similar-looking images get loads of views but no sales?
  • The 3 extra steps that most photographers  miss but can make you 4 times more sales once you get them right!
  • How to spot the most commercial set-ups… and a lot more of them… from every new photo-op
  • The best way to decide what subject you should shoot next for fast profits.
  • The high-value asset you should be focusing on while you build your stock photography catalogue.

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9 thoughts on “Photos That Sell

  1. Hi Matt,

    I really appreciate your efforts putting all this together for the stock photogs out there. I too am in this business for the long haul and expect to do very well at it. I’ll be retiring next year and need to start establishing contacts at 30-40 magazines and publishers in my specialty areas and need all the help I can get in making this happen. Over the years, I realize that I’m a “shooter” and not a marketer of my product and need assistance in this area. I also had a hard drive completely crash on me with over 15,000 photos a few months ago and lost the entire collection, but I did have some of the shots on CD and I’m now in the process of rebuilding my collection. However, I do have a significant amount of photos to market and will be using your services within the next 30 days.
    Love to view the seminar and take advantage of what you have.

    Happy Shooting

  2. Hi Matt,

    You really do a good job and I appreciate your time & effort.
    Yes I would like to see your video on the subject as I’m in for the long haul
    I just turned 70 on Tuesday and I have no super and a mortage. I know what I’ve got to do! (don’t read some many emails – I’m frightened I miss out on something) So the next 10 years I’m going to be very busy!
    So I’ll just pull my finger out.
    All of what you have said here in both Volumes isn’t hard to do and makes a lot of sense!


    0403 935 238

  3. Hi Matt – here come another Tankyou! That long list of links you let us download free is a wondrous trove of treasures – some better than others depending on one’s needs.
    I was very intrigued by FEED THE BOT.
    Was in the process of giving my many rose pics ‘descriptive’titles, as you suggested. I was waffling and in despair about it. But FEED THE BOT found that all my pics have ‘Advanced’ text; and that’s the stuff which describes each pic; and it makes Google happy. So it seems any title will do as long as there is an advanced text BEHIND the image (a facility I get at Weebly).
    Back to those links:
    most of them attempt to give us more exposure. And most don’t do more than the inbuilt facilities of GlobalEyeImages do already. I never again got as much exposure as I got when I was with GlobalEye.
    If you ever offer a special with massive discounts – don’t forget to send me an email.
    Cheers – Klaus

  4. Hi Klaus, that’s correct… the meta data in your images has no value at all to the search engines. There’s a possibility that one day they might start looking for it and using it, but I’m not holding my breath.

    As for the titles… my general rule of thumb would be, if you have too many titles that are all the same, you probably have too many dupe images and you might be better to trim the selection!

    Buyers of all kinds tend to walk away if you make the decision too hard… and choosing between 10 near identical shots online is a headache they don’t need. Make sure every image is distinctly different, even if it means reducing the number of images… and you make it easier for them to decide to buy.

    So following on for your captioning, start by looking for distinctly different compositions… ie full plant, medium view, multiple blooms, single bloom & foliage, close up, macro… other details to include are the number of blooms, vertical or horizontal format, scientific name, common names, colours.

    Captioning can also be tough if all your shots come from the same shoot. Ideally if it’s a key subject for you, you should also have different times of day, different seasons, different locations… different lighting (natural, reflector, flash) … anything at all that gives the buyer actual variety.

    Hope this helps, Matt

  5. Hi Matt – thanks for the free download. It’s full of good ideas and analyses. Best of all, it rattles me to get off my bum and do what’s always been put off. One of your very effective finger-wagging exercises.
    And here comes a question:
    among others, one sore point for me is to produce descriptive titles for each picture, as you urge us to do. But having 50 pics of roses it’s difficult to find succinct differences for so many. So I gave them simple numbers with detailed description for each in the meta data (‘File Info’ in Photoshop). I thought that’s what search engines read. But you say ‘…search engines can only index the written content published in close proximity to the image .. Text on the actual web page…’
    Am I wrong? Are all my descriptive meta data and keywords for nothing?
    In regards to that webinar: I would be very interested in a written transcript of it.
    Thanks again for that download – Klaus

  6. Hi Matt,

    just tried to enjoy my free download,”top selling photo subjects” only response i’m getting is Invalid Details.

    The Email you contacted me on is not recognized.


  7. Hey Matt, I’m in!!! I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now and doing some of this too, but I spotted a few new things in the report that I was missing and a couple of new ideas to try. Can see I’ve wasted some opportunities re building my contacts list and I’m looking forward to your webinar for more ideas. Thanks!

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