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From: Matt Brading,
Re: GlobalEye Photography Business Platform
Date: [date today]


Dear Fellow Photographer,

If you’re looking for a stock library to represent your photography, then you really need to read this page in full before you even consider signing with a mainstream stock library.

It’s no secret that the stock photography industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and it’s made life tough for a lot of stock photographers…

But it shouldn’t have to be that way…

You see the demand for quality images is higher than ever. The stock libraries themselves are doing fine…

It’s just that the photographers weren’t invited to the party.

To be really blunt, I think the deals being offered by most mainstream stock libraries these days are downright appalling

  • Crazy-high competition
  • Ridiculously low prices
  • Open-ended licensing
  • Intermittent sales at best
  • Ever increasing workloads
  • Ever decreasing returns…

The photographers are doing more and more of the work, for less money than ever.

But most mainstream stock libraries either haven’t noticed or simply don’t care?

Even at the biggest libraries, photographers are reporting declining sales and lower prices, and it’s been going on for years.

But rather than tackle the issue and offer their photographers some practical solutions to remedy this, most stock libraries have locked themselves into an insane race to the bottom, to see who can give your images away the cheapest!

frustrated stock photographer

How’s that for NOT looking after the photographers?

The photographers tell them their returns are declining so the libraries drop their prices even further and some even up their commission?

The photographers make even less…

The problem we face is that mainstream stock photography has become a mass distribution business. It’s a business model where your images are little more than a commodity… something to be sourced and sold at the lowest possible price.

Where photographers used to be valued partners in the business model, these days we’ve become faceless, expendable content providers. If you won’t deliver on their terms, the library will simply find someone else who will…

What it comes down to is a total lack of respect for you and your photography.

  • Libraries that want you to give your work away for peanuts… and expect you to be happy to make a few dollars per sale.
  • Open-ended licensing that erodes your future earnings… licenses that allow those customers to use your images for anything they want… pretty much forever…. and destroy any chance of high-end sales later on
  • 50% commissions‚Ķ or more‚Ķ on your sales… even though you’re doing most of the work… shooting, processing, formatting, uploading, captioning, keywording…… You have to ask yourself, if you’re doing all this work and not making money, what exactly are you paying the library for here anyway?
  • And if you walk away… as so many photographers have done in the last few years… there are thousands more photographers waiting to take your place.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Now as bad as that might sound, I really don’t want to put you off. There is a much better way to sell your photography online and I’m going to share that with you shortly.

It is a very different approach to what you’re used to and it certainly won’t be for everyone, but I can assure you, those photographers who take the time to really get it never look back!

You see stock photography still has a lot going for it. The business has definitely changed, but those photographers who have adapted to the changes are now doing extremely well for themselves.

Many are doing better than ever.

In fact, I believe stock can be a very lucrative option for ANY talented photographer

IF you’re prepared to adopt a different mindset and take a new approach that’s actually suited to the current market.

And that’s exactly what we set out to do, way back in 1998.


[su_box title=”A Little Bit of History…” style=”soft” box_color=”#0c5680″]

We were a small group of photographers who weren’t happy with the deals being offered by the main stock libraries and we had some real reservations about where it was all headed.

It was a time of buyouts and closures. Established stock libraries were disappearing overnight and their photographers were being passed around like cattle as a few big players started to dominate and change the entire industry.

So a small group of us decided we could do better on our own.

So we got together and built our own stock library… one based on the old-fashioned partnership approach… one that respects our contributing photographers and values your work.

Not everyone really ‘got’ what we were trying to do and we did cop a lot of flack at the time from some of the old-school stock photography gurus for daring to suggest that the mainstream stock libraries mightn’t have their photographer’s best interests at heart!

Fortunately we found few photographers early on who gave us a chance and before long word-of-mouth went to work and gradually we built up a viable catalog of images from a diverse assembly of photographers from right around the world.

With their support and feedback, the platform evolved and we added in dozens of innovative features and options to create a complete powerful photography marketing system that goes far beyond simple stock library representation.

Just as importantly, we stumbled upon a system for attracting the high-end photo buyers who still value quality stock images and are quite prepared to pay fair and reasonable prices for the right images.

Since then we’ve built on that as well, and developed our own unique systems and strategies that allow us to position your images in front of your ideal photo buyers at the perfect time, to give you the best possible chance of passive sales.

We’ve also built-in some powerful pro-active marketing tools so you can go hands-on and literally generate your own leads and sales, on demand.

Many of these systems are only available to you because of our unique co-operative structure, and the mainstream stock libraries couldn’t use them even if they wanted to! It’s worth registering for the business presentation for these alone, even if you never go any further with GlobalEye!

What you need to understand right now is… even if you don’t get started with GlobalEye today… those quality buyers are still out there!

You don’t need to give your work away for peanuts, you don’t need to give away blanket rights to your images and you definitely shouldn’t be paying 50% commissions… all just to stay in the game.

There is a much better way that I’ll share with you on the next page, that will have you wondering why ANYONE would sign with a mainstream stock library, ever again!


Just before we get started though, I do have a couple of ‘provisos’ you need to consider…

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time and places are limited, (I explain why in the following presentation), so I do ask that you only proceed if you’re serious about selling your photography and you’re prepared to take a hands-on approach to stock photography.

If you just want to submit some photos and wait around for sales, then this is not for you. There are countless libraries that do offer that, though these days I think you’ll find there’s a lot more waiting than sales.

We don’t require previous commercial experience, but this is a professional service for experienced photographers with strong technique, interesting subjects and a reasonable-sized starting catalog.

We do offer a fantastic environment for learning the business-side of things, but you will need a solid foundation of photographic technique & experience.

If that all sounds reasonable, then I will encourage you to register below and view a presentation for new contributing photographers. This great information that you can apply to your own photography business straight away…

  • The missing ingredient in traditional stock photography that prevents most photographers from ever maximizing their earnings.
  • One simple change that you can make today to double your earnings on every single stock photo sale that follows.
  • 4 key features that set GlobalEye apart from the bulk of mainstream stock libraries and put you back in full control.
  • 7 unique marketing strategies you can (and should!) apply to your photography business right now
  • Why you should stop chasing random photo sales immediately and start building a strategic online photography business.
  • Plus countless simple ways you can increase your exposure, reduce your workload and sell more photos!

Register now to discover how our unique co-operative approach can work for you too…


If you have any questions at all, I will encourage you to register and review the information in the Photographer’s Area as most of the questions we get are already covered there.

Then if it sounds like GlobalEye could be a good platform for your photography, you can follow the prompts to submit a short application.

I’ll look forward to seeing some of your work when you’re ready.


Matt Brading

PS. Our Membership is capped and places are limited, so if the Registration Form is not showing above, we are not currently accepting new photographers. You can sign up on the waiting list here instead, and we’ll notify you when places become available.

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