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Something’s Wrong Video

This is a short promo video we made back for the launch of GlobalEye. We posted it to YouTube and told our mailing list about it… and pretty much forgot about it. Turns out it struck a chord with a lot of photographers and ended up getting a lot of views and shares.

Unfortunately, a lot of the problems it mentions are probably worse than ever at the mainstream stock libraries so it’s still getting a lot of attention. If you like it, please give it a thumbs up and share while you’re here!

You can cut and paste this link directly into your emails if you know anyone who’d be interested…

You Tube is a great way to generate visitor traffic to ANY photography website, and if you’re not already using it, you should consider it.

It’s super-simple for photographers… just put a set of images into a short video-slideshow using a service like Animoto and post it to YouTube. Make sure you use a good keyword phrase in your video title and description, and add plenty of related keyword phrases as ‘tags’. Include your URL at the start of your description and you’re done.

Share the link on your social media accounts, embed the video in your blog, ask your friends and colleagues to help you out… at the very least you’ll get a valuable high PR backlink, and if it goes viral you’ll get a heap of targeted visitors clicking through to your website!

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