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Launch your own profitable photography business without a huge learning-curve, information overload or expensive tools!

There’s a lot of information out there for photographers looking to set up their own business, but unfortunately it’s also an area where there’s a lot of operators pushing their own product or service as the sure-fire photography business solution you simply have to have. Some are definitely quite good, some not-so-good… and some are outright scams.

This new report will help you sort through the options and give you essential information so you can cut through the crap and get started on a photography business that’s right for you.

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  • How to make sure you’re ready to build a viable business selling¬† your photography.
  • Four essential skill sets that will makeyour new business unstoppable.
  • The five biggest traps a photographer is likely to fall into and how you can use them to your advantage.
  • How to assess the commercial quality of your photography and identify potential markets for your work.
  • Four basic business systems you’ll need apply to whatever business model you decide to use, and how you can master them without an MBA.
  • The best way to overcome any missing skills… almost instantly… so you can get on your building your business.
  • Plus you’ll find links to some of the best photo business planning resources and tools we’ve been able to find.

These days, any talented photographer can start a profitable photography business in record-time, if you cut through all the noise and do it right. This report has been written specifically to help you do just that, so grab your free copy today!

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From: Matt Brading
Date: [date today]

Re: A new approach to Stock Photography


Thanks for your interest,

In my main business role at GlobalEye Images, I deal with a lot of photographers who are trying to start a photography business. Unfortunately, it usually turns out that far too many of them are doing it all wrong. They focus on the wrong things, waste money on things they don’t need,¬† and waste huge amounts of time on unnecessary busy work

Often before they’ve even decided on the basic purpose and structure of their business!

Even more frustrating, is talking to photographers who’ve blown huge amounts of money on photography business courses and elaborate portfolio websites, all promising easy photo sales with minimal work…

And all failing to deliver.

Well a while back I’d had enough so I wrote a blog post on my personal site about a few basic steps you should take before you get caught up in planning and building any sort of photography business.

Basically it was urging photographers to slow down and back it up!

To stop and think about the kind of business that would best suit them, their current situation and abilities.

It went on to cover a few market validation and proof of concept techniques they could use to test their idea…¬† at which point they could start exploring their options and making business plans.

It got a huge response… and still does… so I’ve now revised the first part and published it as this free report and I’ll be doing the same with the Market Research section shortly as well.

So make sure you grab your copy of part #1 today, and we’ll let you know as soon as #2 is available. That will only be available to people who’ve read this current report, so make sure you’re on the list!

Have you read it already?

Please leave your feedback and comments below and give us a share on your favourite social media account!


PS. Just to be totally transparent, I do have a Photography Business package of my own that I’d like to share with you at some stage… but at this point, I think it’s far more important that you start with the information in the report above, so you’ll be in a position to evaluate all your options!

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