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Photography Business Design

Here’s part one of our 4-part series, that will lead you through the process of designing, planning, building and operating a profitable photography business.

We have added you to our Newsletter list, so we can send you updates as each new installment is released. It is optional of course, and you’ll find an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email if you want out.

We’ve got a lot of great content to share though, so I’ll encourage you to stay with us for a while to check it out!

Download Photography Business Design

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Photo Judging Checklist

This is a detailed list of the elements and criteria we consider at GlobalEye when reviewing photographer applications.

It was originally adapted from a photography competition judging checklist, but it also makes a useful guide for anyone wanting to evaluate their work on a professional level for the first time.

Download Photo Judging Checklist

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